Midland Hill Climb Championship Awards

The Champion: Scores for all competitors are accumulated throughout the season – the top 6 in each class receive points at each event.

Drivers setting a new class record at an event will receive an extra point – and this can make all of the difference in the overall championship standings.

At the end of the season, the ten highest scoring drivers each receive an award and the BMTR Midland Hill Climb Champion is crowned.

Class awards: In addition to the overall Championship awards made at the end of the season, awards are given for the top 3 in each class at each event and special class awards are presented at the annual Championship Awards presentation.

Top Ten Challenge: The Top Ten Challenge is the icing on the cake at each round – when the twelve fastest drivers in the fastest cars compete in a ‘run-off’ to win points. Points are awarded to the ‘Top Ten’ fastest drivers and these are totalled at the end of the season for the prize-giving.


In addition to the above, the following Awards are made:

Man (or Lady) of the Meeting: souvenir award.

Man (or Lady) of the Season: souvenir award.

Highest placed competitor under 25 on 1st January, 2018 : The Doug Pound Trophy (To be held for 12 months) plus souvenir award and 1 free entry to Loton Park, Prescott and Shelsley Walsh in 2019. Also, 2nd and 3rd - souvenir awards.

Over 60 Challenge: for competitors aged over 60 on 1st. January, 2018: Scoring will be the improvement on a target time for each championship class, which will be the class record at the start of the meeting plus 8 seconds.

Highest placed competitor overall: The over 60 Trophy (To be held for 12 months ) plus souvenir award. Also, 2nd and 3rd - souvenir awards.