2018 Midland Hill Climb Championship classes:

We have received several requests, suggestions and comments about changing the classes in the Championship. These comments have come from within Class A (i) about separating out the Lotus Elises, etc. into their own class and also creating an up to 1400cc class. It has also been thought that we should separate the four wheel drive cars out of Class A (ii).

We have also had correspondence from several competitors in Class K (i) with their worries about the inclusion of over 1600cc. motor bike engined cars in this class. The suggestion being that the engine and gearbox of cars in this class must comprise two separate units and that they are not mounted transversely within the chassis.

However for 2018 the Championship Committee have decided to continue all classes as in 2017.

We are very aware that new innovative ideas have always been a great feature of British hillclimbing, but we will monitor all of the above and any other suggestions to protect the entry levels in all classes and the future of the Championship.

Thank you Bill Pardoe

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