2018 - Thank You!

I would like to thank all competitors in the championship and the event organisers for being so welcoming to me this year as a new and largely unknown coordinator.

Although challenging, I have to say that most of the time it has been very enjoyable.

The Committee have tried to move the championship forward with the computerised results service, online registration, PayPal payment and we will endeavour to go further into the 21st. century.

As I have said several times, if you have any suggestions please talk to or email me.

It is a competitors series with 140 registered this year and 120 drivers having scored points.

I also congratulate all our champions and class winners and sincerely hope to see you all next season.The 2018 Midland Hill Climb Championship Awards Dinner will be at the Chateau Impney Hotel, Droitwich on Saturday 17th November, 7pm. for 7.30pm.

The link to book your place is on the Awards tab on the website along with the details to book your accommodation at the Chateau Impney.

I am also publishing our revised calendar for 2019 on our web-site, with six weekends again being shared with the British series.

Hope to see you all soon


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