In the aftermath of all of the excitement of the final weekend and preparing comments, results and overall positions, I inadvertently made an error in the summary of the top ten of the Final positions and points in the BMTR Motorsport Tyres Midland Hill Climb Championship after Round 18 at Loton Park.

It has been pointed out to me by various people, including the person actually in ninth place, Richard Weaver, who finished equal ninth with 95 points.

And yes, one of the reminders was from Tom, his son, who finished fifth... apparently Richard is buying Tom's beers at the awards do...

1. Ash Mason Westfield Sei Class D 130

2. Paul Howells Porsche 911RSR Class C(iii) 126

3. David Warburton Gould GR59 Class J(i) 123

4. Tim Higgins Westfield Sei Class B 110

5. Tom Weaver Van Diemen RF91 Class J(i) 108

6. Jon Maycock Mazda MX5 Class A(ii) 103

7. Andrew Henson Dallara F394 Class K(i) 102

8. Phil Tucker Vauxhall Nova Class C(i) 100

9 = Richard Weaver Van Diemen RF91 Class J (i) 95

Wallace Menzies Gould GR59M Class L 95

Cheers Bill

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