New Class for 2020 - K(iii)

Creation of a new class in Midland Hill Climb Championship

After some consideration the Championship Committee has agreed to the creation of a new class for the 2020 season.

The motorbike engine powered racing cars with an engine capacity of over 1600cc and up to 2000cc with integrated gearboxes will now run in the new class within the Championship.

The existing K(i) class will continue to be for 1600cc to 2000cc racing cars with normally aspirated engines with a separate engine and gearbox configuration.

Class K(ii) will also continue to be for 1600cc to 2000cc (equivalency) racing cars with forced induction engines.

Class K(iii) will be created as stated above.

For clarification of scoring in the Championship, where there are not enough entries in class K(iii) at a particular event they will most likely be amalgamated into class K(i) but both classes will be scored separately in the Championship. The effect being that cars and competitors in these classes will only score points against like for like racing cars.

Bill Pardoe – dated 10th October 2019

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