Rounds 1 & 2 at Prescott 2021

After all the difficulties leading up to last weekend I think that we were all very pleased to be racing again and seeing friends after so long away from the hills.

Thanks are due to all the Marshals in the paddock and on the hill, Dave in Course Control, the Clerks of Course and other Officials, Roger and his timekeepers and everyone else who made it happen on the day.

Special mention to Rich Danby and Eleanor and their days of work for the great production of the ‘Live Streaming’ which I know has attracted praise and comments from around the world. A friend of mine living in Australia even phoned me saying how brilliant the coverage was !

One new class record by Alex in the first class runs and first time Hillclimber Charles Hall was named as ‘Man of the Meeting’.

Already we have over 70 Championship contenders having scored points at Prescott with our total registrations this season approaching 150.

After the entry problems experienced with Prescott can I urge everyone to enter their next Championship meeting on July 24/25 ASAP. The weekend is now also hosting rounds of the British series so I expect entries to be at a premium. As many of you are aware the Prescott Regulations say ‘first come, first served’.

With the flood of entries experienced at all venues it is probably best to enter all the Championship rounds early.

The latest class points plus those for the ‘Top Ten Challenge’ are now available - see the results section

Rounds 3 & 4 coming up at Shelsley Walsh this weekend.


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