Rounds 7 & 8 - Shelsley Walsh

It was a mixed weekend weather wise for Rounds 7 and 8 at Shelsley Walsh; dry and warm on Saturday but overnight and early Sunday morning rain put a dampener to the promised great weekend.

With a very full entry, we already knew that there would be no Sunday morning practice, so it was straight into the first class runs. With delays and incidents, the ‘Interclub’ competitors lost some of their runs in order that the Top Twelve run off for British and Midland competitors could happen before lunch.

For the August meeting we are assured by the MAC/ Shelsley Walsh that no other Championships will be invited on the Sunday, so that day is only for the National Championships with a practice run scheduled on the Sunday morning !

From the Midland Championship we had 110 starters, with most of the leading competitors in the British also being amongst our entry.

Alex Summers led the times in qualifying and on both run-offs, chased in the first by Sean Gould, Wallace, Scott, Trevor and Dave.

The second run-off which took place well after 6 pm. saw Alex again leading the way from Wallace, Sean, Scott, Trevor and Dave, all with times under 24 seconds - Alex at 23.15 setting the best time of the day with only 7/100th of a second between the top three and 6/10 th the top six.

Alex now leads the ‘Wynn Developments’ MidlandTop Ten Challenge and in our ‘BMTR Motorsport’ Championship the Porsche 911 RSR of Paul Howells has a maximum 8 scores and a total of 72 points to lead Richard Weaver in the family Formula Ford with 58, followed by John Maycock’s Maxda MX5 and the Dallara of Joshua Moss, both with 54 points.

Tom Weaver was named as a very popular ‘Man of the Meeting’ for his class win in the competitive Formula Fords beating dad Richard by a tenth of a second, followed by others with much more experience in the class.

Next week at Loton Park for a stand alone ‘Midland’ National weekend and again 100 Championship contenders are due to be present.

Updated points after Round 8 at Shelsley Walsh in the ‘BMTR Tyres Motorsport’ Hill Climb Championship :

72 points Paul Howells, Porsche 911 RSR in Class C (iii)

58 points Richard Weaver Van Dieman RF91 Class J (i)

54 points Jon Maycock Mazda MX5 T Class A(ii)

54 points Joshua Moss Dallara F309 Class K(i)

52 points Tim Higgins Westfield SEi Class B

52 points Ash Mason Westfield SEi T Class D

50 points Andrew Russell Ginetta G15 Class C(i)

48 points Eynon Price Force TA Class J(ii)

47 points Simon Kirton Lotus Exige Class A(i)

47 points David Warburton Gould GR59 Class J(ii)

47 points Andy Tippett Brabham BT30X Class M

46 points Simon Jenks Caterham Class D

Leading points/ scorers in the ‘Wynn Developments’ Top Ten Challenge

61 points Alex Summers DJ Firestorm

55 points Wallace Menzies Gould GR59 M

54= points Scott Moran Gould GR59 J

54= points Trevor Willis OMS 28

48 points Dave Uren Gould GR55 B

46 points Sean Gould Gould GR59 J

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