What a Finale!

Surely the final weekend at Loton Park ranks among the best ever weekends of hill climbing in the UK?

With the benefit of lovely weather all weekend we were put on notice during Saturday’s practice runs of what might happen on Sunday. Wallace Menzies twice achieved practice times under the outright hill record of 43.18 seconds, that was set by Sean Gould in June, with a best run of 42.27 !

But nobody was expecting that Sean’s record would be beaten 15 times (yes, FIFTEEN) on Sunday with Alex Summers, Sean, Scott Moran and Trevor Willis all with runs of 42 seconds with Wallace then setting a new Loton Park outright record of 41.76 seconds in the first run-off, this was a full 1.42 secs improvement on the previous record!

Alex was second with 42.55, followed by Scott on 42.67, Sean 42.72 and Trevor with 42.83. Fabulous!

In the afternoon, conditions were slightly cooler but Wallace did it again. This time he had to dig deep as Alex, with the penultimate run of the season, set a time of 41.85 - joining Wallace in the very exclusive sub 42s club!

But this years’ British Champion and our MHCC ‘Wynn Developments Top Ten Challenge’ winner did what he has done all season when under pressure and beat that by four hundredths – 41.81 seconds to end a great day and an unforgettable season!

Leading positions and points in the ‘Wynn Developments Top Ten Challenge’ within the MHCC :


1. Wallace Menzies Gould GR59M 135

2. Alex Summers DJ Firestorm 129

3. Sean Gould Gould GR59JB 122

4. Scott Moran Gould GRW59 107

5. Trevor Willis OMS 28 99

6. Dave Uren Gould GR55B 86

7. David Warburton Gould GR59 66

8. Will Hall Force WH Xtec 46

9. Eynon Price Force TA 42

10. Graham Wynn Gould GRW59J 38

Paul Howells had led our BMTR Championship all season but he could be beaten by Ash Mason if Ash won his class at Loton Park, as Ash had already earned bonus points for breaking class records during the year, whilst Paul had not.

Paul duly won his Class C (iii) on both runs to remain unbeaten all year. But on the first class run Ash broke Andy Griffiths’ record in Class D and then won again in the afternoon to total 130 points, thereby beating Paul by four points to win the Championship!.

Final positions and points in the BMTR Motorsport Tyres Midland Hill Climb Championship after Round 18 at Loton Park - full details in the Results section:

1. Ash Mason Westfield Sei Class D 130

2. Paul Howells Porsche 911RSR Class C(iii) 126

3. David Warburton Gould GR59 Class J(i) 123

4. Tim Higgins Westfield Sei Class B 110

5. Tom Weaver Van Dieman RF91 Class J(i) 108

6. Jon Maycock Mazda MX5 Class A(ii) 103

7. Andrew Henson Dallara F394 Class K(i) 102

8. Phil Tucker Vauxhall Nova Class C(i) 100

9 = Andy Tippett Brabham BT30 Class M 95

Wallace Menzies Gould GR59M Class L 95

David Warburton has won the class for up to 1600cc racing cars 13 times this year and so he finishes third overall in our championship with 123 points, ahead of Tim Higgins with 10 wins in Class B and in fifth place Tom Weaver in the family Formula Ford Van Diemen also with 10 wins.

In addition to Ash’s new record in Class D we also saw new records in Class K(ii) by Paul Haimes on 43.93 and Lee Griffiths in K(iii) on 47.03 seconds. Plus, of course Wallace in Class L with 41.91 in the mornings first class runs.

A fantastic day of competition and a thoroughly enjoyable end of season weekend.

Thanks to all those involved.


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